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There has always been a problem finding a pinhole leak in pipeline transmission lines. Often in the past, utility companies would leave a small acceptable amount of seepage from their lines with no cost-effective ways of locating them. In 2004 ExxonMobil and Imperial Oil of Canada developed a process to use canines to detect these pinhole leaks in buried pipelines up to 15 to 20 ft buried beneath the surface. Since 2004 with the use of canines there has been a 100% accuracy rate in finding these hard-to-find leaks.

California Public Utilities Commission Safety and Enforcement Division staff report: survey of natural gas leakage abatement best practices (2015 report) states, “we highlight for further consideration by California gas companies. One such “device” isn’t a device at all; it’s a dog. traditionally, dogs have been trained to find and detect explosive materials, drugs, and even people. With proper training, as has been done for at least the last past 30 years, dogs can be used to find gas leaks. Canines’ sense of smell is sensitive enough to detect gas in the parts per billion (ppb) range, which is on par with the most sensitive gas detection devices in use, or in R&D today. According to the vendors and research, employing dogs to detect gas leaks can be very cost-effective, have very high accuracy rate, and work relatively fast, capable of covering up to 5 miles per day. Dogs are currently being used to find gas leaks in Texas, Canada, and other parts of Europe.”


We have highly trained detection dogs that can detect the smallest pinhole in any pipe! We also offer a variety of other onsite needs as in dig ups and repairs, Illegal line tap locating, Site security, and surveillance. We can help in the resurrection of any abandoned/condemned lines that you may have that have been put out of service because of leaks. Ensure Oil & Gas Pipelines Are Reliable & Safe for People & The Environment.



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